Tripping into the 40s

Coming up at the end of May – The Wireless Chronicles: Series 3 – “Armed and Languorous”  

A night at the Wireless

If you haven’t experienced this series yet, make the effort to get here.  The Wireless Chronicles is an evening at the wireless – a Live Radio Play interspersed with the music and stories of the decade. There are 4 in the series – set in the 20s, the 30s, the 40s and the 50s. The show is delivered in the setting of a radio station with OUR audience forming the live-in-studio radio audience. The shows are an evening (or sometimes an afternoon) of pure entertainment with plenty of laughs.

Armed and Languorous is set in the 40s at the end of World War II, with some beautiful music and fascinating stories.  The Radio Play – The Devious Digit of Destiny – has a bunch of bumbling, inept, quirky, and downright sneaky new characters to tickle your funnybone.

3 shows:   May 31st 8pm + June 2nd 5pm at the Rex theatre in Bolton Street  Tickets $20pp

June 1st 2pm at the Dungeon, 608 Glebe Rd, Adamstown  Tickets $25pp (includes light refreshment)

(get a mini taste test here: )

ENCORE:  stay tuned to find out when you can catch a re-run of this cracker! …late 2019 …..and for details of the fourth and last installment in the series…2020

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