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2021 album “Whimsical” …releasing now

12 Brand new songs ….. *Pandemic Tango *Autumn Magic *Quirky Little Shop *Ride-On Mower *Everyday Heroes *Speculation                *The Hairy Faerie  *The Mask  *In Crowd  *Vintage Nans in Vintage Vans  *Tradies  *Blame
Listen to  Pandemic Tango  here:  
GOT YOUR COPY OF “JOURNEY” YET?2018 album available NOW!  Limited copies still available.  Contact direct to order

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CDs and t-shirts are available at reasonable prices at events or by emailing Maureen direct. Also ask about a Merchandise Gift Pack – a fun and economical alternative for a friend’s birthday and saves you hitting the shops. We’ll even wrap and post it direct to them.

**some individual tracks are now available to purchase at Reverbnation:

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Maureen uses Ticketebo for tickets to some shows to ensure your seat at an event. However, tickets can also be arranged direct with Maureen by email or for some events at the door on arrival.


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