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2021 album “Whimsical” …releasing now

12 Brand new songs ….. *Pandemic Tango *Autumn Magic *Quirky Little Shop *Ride-On Mower *Everyday Heroes *Speculation                *The Hairy Faerie  *The Mask  *In Crowd  *Vintage Nans in Vintage Vans  *Tradies  *Blame    ………    

    YOU CAN PURCHASE your copy of Whimsical via most streaming services  – or alternately by ordering direct via email [#hint support an independent songwriter and order direct!]

**Listen to  Pandemic Tango  here:       …..

and checkout the ##Pandemic Tango video here:

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order direct via email  or buy individual tracks available on various streaming services as well as  Reverbnation:

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Due to Covid 19 there are no public events planned at this time.   Intimate concerts are still being held occasionally subject to covid restrictions.  These are by “invitation only” and you must be registered on my mailing list to receive an invitation.  To get on an invitation list:  *Subscribe to my Blog * Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   or email direct


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