Love a little Whimsy!

Releasing NOW ~ the latest album


12 Brand New Songs :

1. The Pandemic Tango  … to listen to Pandemic Tango – go to the Buy Music, Merch, and Tickets page

2. Autumn Magic

   3. A Quirky Little Shop 

   4. Ride-On Mower

   5. Everyday Heroes  6. Speculation

   7. The Hairy Faerie   8. The Mask  

   9. In Crowd

   10. Vintage Nans in Vintage Vans

   11.Tradies   12.Blame (Ballad of an Independant Woman)

##this album is available to purchase direct for a trifling $12 (message for instructions) …. comes in a neat little package of usb+information card plus a bonus lyric sheet ….. or online via the many streaming services [with the exception of apple/itunes] at their designated price. HINT: support an independent songwriter and buy DIRECT

For a Taste Test of the new album, check out the VIRTUAL ALBUM LAUNCH here:

Stage Production grows up

Maureen’s stage musical TABLE MANNERS has been developed into a novel and wTable Manners novelill be released on April 30, 2020 .  Audiences have been waiting for this since 2017, to learn more about the characters and their backstories.  And readers are going to love the additional new characters, the history of the cafe, the town residents, and delving further into the devious dealings of Slick Flick!

Published by Pegasus Publishing, UK, you can pre-order your own copy here:  Table Manners the novel

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