Wireless Chronicles ~ Return

The Wireless Chronicles  SERIES 2 –  “BOTTOMS UP”  is set for a short ENCORE season on 3+5  May at the Royal Exchange Salon Theatre in Newcastle.   For those who missed it last year (or those who saw it, loved it, and want to catch it again).      This one is set in the 30s with stories and great music from the decade plus the ongoing comedy/farce of “The Fickle Finger of Fate” – a Live Radio Play in 6 episodes.  Bookings for this on 4929 4969

The Encore season is a precursor for the THIRD Series – “Armed & Languorous” set in the ’40s

Check out more information here: Wireless Chronicles

Encore Ladies!

A Tribute to the legendary songwriters:  Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon returns this year for ONE SHOW ONLY at the Buttai Barn on the 15th May.  Tickets are $45 pp and include morning tea and a 2 course lunch.  This is the show’s 4th season in 3 years – audiences have loved it….so will you!   You can book for this show via the Barn on 4930 3153

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