Love a little Whimsy!

Releasing NOW ~ the latest album


12 Brand New Songs :

1. The Pandemic Tango  … to listen to Pandemic Tango – go to the Buy Music, Merch, and Tickets page

2. Autumn Magic

   3. A Quirky Little Shop 

   4. Ride-On Mower

   5. Everyday Heroes  6. Speculation

   7. The Hairy Faerie   8. The Mask  

   9. In Crowd

   10. Vintage Nans in Vintage Vans

   11.Tradies   12.Blame (Ballad of an Independant Woman)

##this album is available to purchase direct for a trifling $12 (message for instructions) …. comes in a neat little package of usb+information card plus a bonus lyric sheet ….. or online via the many streaming services [with the exception of apple/itunes] at their designated price. HINT: support an independent songwriter and buy DIRECT

For a Taste Test of the new album, check out the VIRTUAL ALBUM LAUNCH here:

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