The Wireless Chronicles Series 4: I SPY

Devotees of “The Wireless Chronicles” series are waiting in anticipation for the fourth and final series opening in ### ##PRODUCTION DEFERRED DUE TO COVOID19 …Stay Tuned

Set in the 1950s – the era of the Cold War – this show is titled “I Spy”, with stories and songs from the decade.  A decade where the new crazes Rock and Roll and television were just emerging in Australia; a decade where fledgling inventions in Australia were about to become worldwide, household names; a decade where unknown aussies would emerge to stardom in a number of fields; and a decade when the world would begin to see Australia as more than a dot at the bottom of the globe.

Interspersing some of the great music from this decade are multiple episodes of the Devious Digit of Destiny – A crime/comedy farce delivered as a Live Radio Play.  On stage, the readers add to the farce with various props and sound effects.  Those who have been following the series already know to expect the unexpected and will be keen to hear; the latest schemes and scams of our bunch of bumbling crooks; the newest blunderings  of their local bobbies  ;  the inept fumblings of our ageing tarts;  and just how many new characters will pop out of this mix in this final episode!

Featuring;  Maureen O’Brien;  Grant Bailey;   Stevi Cannon;  Amanda Broberg; John Dickeson; David Benge; & guitarist /sound effects wizard Peter Sesselmann.  Written by Maureen, the script is filled with plenty of wisecracks and one-liners and in WC tradition, it’s filled with quirky, oddball characters bearing wacky names.

Multiple Venues, Multiple Dates:   Wed 11th March/8pm/Royal Exchange Salon Theatre, Bolton Street Newcastle;  Fri 13th March 8pm/venue to be advised;  Sat 14th March/2pm/St Augustines Hall, Winsor St Merewether;  Sun 15th March 6pm/The Dungeone/ Glebe Road, Adamstown.…….SEASON CANCELLED DUE TO COVOID19

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You can watch an excerpt from Series 2 on the Sidestep Comedy Channel here: SIDESTEP COMEDY

And if you would like a FREE COPY of the whole script from Season One of the Devious Digit of Destiny – the radio play around which the Wireless Chronicles are based – the ‘how to’ is here:   Maureen’s Blog

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